Highland Specialty Grains does a lot of research with wheat. The owners of Highland Specialty Grains have an interest in providing farmers with the best wheat varieties available, so they have been instrumental in planting advanced line trials in eastern Washington in cooperation with both public and private wheat breeding programs.

On the breeding side, Highland Specialty Grains is focused on serving smaller segments of the wheat market that are often overlooked by other breeders. Currently there are opportunities to license two Hard Red Winter Wheat varieties and several Hard Red Spring Wheat varieties from Highland Specialty Grains.

Kairos is a HRW Wheat variety that has been grown for several years in central and eastern Washington, mainly under irrigation. Kairos is a short, upright variety that produces high quality grain. It matures several days earlier than LCS Jet or Keldin. Kairos has excellent resistance to stripe rust, better than Keldin or LCS Jet.

HSG 110 is new HRW Wheat that will be available for trials in 2024. Foundation seed should be available in 2025. HSG 110 is a short variety like Kairos and LCS Jet. Maturity is a couple of days longer than Kairos and generally earlier than LCS Jet or Keldin. Wheat Quality is not quite as good as Kairos however the yields of HSG 110 are very good when compared to LCS Jet and Keldin.

Highland Specialty Grains has several Hard Red Spring varieties that are available for licensing. The varieties are similar to WB 9668 with better yield. Please let us know if you are interested in growing one of our varieties of wheat or if you would like Highland Specialty Grains to develop wheat specifically for your needs.