Highland Specialty Grains has barley varieties that have been developed for the specialty food market. Food varieties have traits which could include hulless barley, black barley, higher protein barley, higher Beta Glucan barley, and different types of starch, including waxy or non-waxy kernels.

Highland Specialty Grains has a variety of BG products which emphasize Beta Glucan content and heart health. Scientific evidence shows that beta-glucan significantly lowers blood cholesterol level and reduces the risk of heart disease. Diets containing 3 to 6 g/day of barley beta-glucans have been shown to reduce blood cholesterol. Additionally, barley is a great choice for anyone at risk for type 2 diabetes or pre-diabetes. Beta-glucan soluble fiber coupled with vitamins and minerals promotes better blood sugar by slowing glucose absorption. Thus, it helps fight diabetes. Barley is a great addition to the human diet.

Two new food varieties are available. HO517-126 is a 2-row, high-protein, non-waxy, hulless variety with agronomic traits such as maturity and lodging that are comparable to the best feed varieties. At 23 sites over 3 seasons the yield of HO517-126 was 96% of Altorado. HO517-126 produces more protein per acre, plus the hulless trait increases efficiency in transportation, storage, and processing. The second variety is HO216-245. HO216-245 is a direct replacement for BG012 with fewer thins and increased yield. It is a fully waxy, high Beta Glucan, high protein variety. These are just two examples of varieties that have been developed for the food market. If you’re interested in growing food barley, please contact us so that we can help you select the variety that would best serve your needs.

Food Barley Varieties include