Altorado, Claymore, and Oreana are 2-row barley varieties for grain production that consistently yield well. Claymore is a medium height variety with excellent standibility and Fusarium Head Blight tolerance. Oreana is a short, upright variety with an upright head at maturity for easy harvest. Altorado is similar to the variety Champion in maturity, plant height, and test weight however Altorado averages 8% more grain yield than Champion.

Outside of the Northern plains/Pacific Northwest region, we have varieties like Nebula, Chico, and Cochise, which have a strong tradition of solid dependability in Arizona and Southern California.

Carleton is a new general-release 2-row feed barley for which Foundation Seed is available in 2024. Carleton is short and upright like Oreana however it matures a couple of days earlier than both Oreana and Claymore. It also has better Fusarium Head Blight tolerance than Claymore, which is currently our most FHB tolerant variety. Carleton has consistently been the highest yielding variety in locations and seasons with drought stress. Even though it is a short variety, it will be less stunted than a typical semi-dwarf variety under drought, so it has excellent drought tolerance. Carleton appears to have a bright future as a feed barley.

Feed Barley Varieties include

Carleton-NEW available in limited quantities in 2024