HSG releases ‘Vaquero” Forage Barley

Highland Specialty Grains releases Improved Forage Barley Variety

Highland Specialty Grains of Moses Lake, Washington announces the release and availability of ‘Vaquero’ forage barley.  ‘Vaquero’ is a hooded, spring-planted barley developed specifically to produce forage for livestock.

Like all forage barley, Vaquero is a nutritious, palatable, and economical forage that can be grown alone or in blends with other species.  It is generally harvested as hay or silage.

Compared to ‘Stockford’, ‘Vaquero’ yields more forage, stands better, and is taller.  ‘Vaquero’ also produces well when compared to other forage barley varieties.

Highland Specialty Grains, Inc., is the premier breeder of proprietary barley varieties in the western United States.  For more information see the Highland Specialty Grains website https://highlandspecialtygrains.com/